`` Metal P90 Airsoft Gun

Metal P90 Airsoft Gun

King Arms FN Herstal Licensed Full Metal P90 Tactical Airsoft AEG

Price: $175.00

King Arms FN Herstal Licensed Full Metal P90 Tactical Airsoft Aeg

Price: $190.00

JG P90 Metal Gearbox Airsoft Electric Gun With built In Red Dot Scope, 400 FPS

Price: $118.00

JG P90 Metal Gearbox Airsoft Electric Gun Shoot 400 FPS with 0.2G BB

Price: $115.00

JG P90 Metal Gearbox Airsoft Electric Gun W/a Extra Long Barrel Better Accuracy

Price: $119.00

The P90 is a Belgian designed private defense weapon. The weapon's name is an abbreviation of Project ninety, which cites a weapon system of the 1990s. The P90 is regarded as a Private Defense Weapon ( PDW ), and was designed as a compact but strong firearm for auto drivers, operators of crew-served weapons, support personnel, special forces and anti-terrorist units. Developed between 19861987 at Fabrique Nationale de Herstal, the P90 features a compact bullpup design, ambidextrous grip and a polymer and alloy-based construction. The weapon contains many leading edge features including the exclusive 5.7x28mm ammo, designed for larger penetration of body armour than pistol ammo. The P90 and variants are in use by military and police forces in over 30 states across the world and sports models are well-liked among civilian shooters.

The P90 was developed between 1986 and 1987 in Herstal, Belgium. Its goal was to replace the pistol-caliber carbines which were in use at the time by army and law enforcement staff, as it had become clear that such weapons were ineffectual against body armour, even with the longer barrel length compared to handguns. The gun was designed together with the new 5.7x28mm cartridge, that has a larger penetrating capacity, fatal range and flatter path than most other pistol caliber cartridges like the NATO-standard 9x19mm Parabellum round.

At first the weapon used a 5.7x28mm SS90 cartridge ( with a light-weight, roundnose, jacketed missile and a polymer core ), as well as tracer, coaching ( reduced range ), sub-caliber ( increased speed and effective range of at least 250 m ) and blank ammo. The 1st prototype firing this ammo was completed in October 1986, and over three thousand submachine guns were produced in this configuration till 1993 in a low-rate 1st production run. In the meantime , FN revised the ammo, with the plan of using it in a planned semi-automatic pistol of the same caliber the Five-seveN. The new cartridge, elected the SS190, has a more standard full metal, plated steel jacket, lead core and steel / aluminum penetrator. A number of other missiles were also developed for the new cartridge, including the L191 tracer round, a subsonic SB193 bullet for sound-suppressed P90 firearms and blank ammo. A changed version of the P90 evolved to use the new ammo was introduced in 1993. The P90 is a selective fire straight blowback-operated weapon with a short recoiling barrel and fires from a closed bolt. The return mechanism contains 2 parallel spring guide rods that also guide the bolt carrier assembly. The weapon uses an internal hammer striking mechanism and a trigger mechanism with a three-position rotary dial fire control selector, found centrally underneath the trigger. The fire selector also gives a manual safety against random firing. The dial in the "S" position weapon safe, "1" semi-automatic fire, "A" completely automated fire. When set on "A", the selector offers a two-stage trigger operation.

Pulling the trigger back a touch produces semi-automatic fire and pulling the trigger absolutely to the rear will produce entirely automated fire. The "safe" setting disables the trigger.

It employs a 50-round box mag, mounted parallel to the bore axis that locks in place between the charging handles and optical sight, flush with the receiver top cover. The mag is formed of a light, translucent polycarbonate and allows for visible ammo corroboration. The base of the mag is found close to the muzzle end, the feed lips above the barrel chamber in a circular bulge that contains the feed tray. Cartridges in the mag body are double stacked to the left side. The mag features a supporter with rollers and a spiral feed ramp which will revolve a cartridge ninety to the right aligning it in a double stack pattern in the mag.

The weapon's hammer-forged steel barrel is fitted with a ported, diagonally cut flash suppressor that also acts as a recoil compensator. Early models failed to have the cut in the flash hider. The P90 is provided with an unmagnified HC-14-62 reflex sight from Ring Sights, which enables fast target purchase up to 150 metres ( 490 ft ) and operation in low-level lighting conditions due to a tritium-illuminated targeting reticle. Newer units are fitted with the Ring Sights MC-10-80 sight designed particularly for the P90. It is using a forward-aimed fiber optic collector to illuminate the daytime reticle, which includes a huge circle of 180 Minute of arc ( MOA ), with a twenty MOA circle surrounding a dot in the middle. The night reticle consists of an open "T" that is essentially illuminated by a tritium module or moonlight and ambient light drawn in by an upward-facing collector. The sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation and can be employed with night vision hardware. Auxiliary fixed sights are supplied on both sides of the receiver's cast aluminum optical sight housing. The P90 is absolutely two-handed ; it can be controlled by right or left-handed shooters without making any alterations to the weapon. The charging handle, auxiliary fixed sights and mag release are symmetrically distributed on both sides of the firearm. The manual fire selector below the trigger can be operated from either side. Spent cartridge surroundings are ejected downward thru a chute found abaft of the pistol grip, keeping fired cases out of the shooter's line of sight.

The P90 is designed in the bullpup configuration which decreases the firearm's overall length while keeping a full length barrel. The pistol grip with thumbhole and outsized trigger guard act as the forward grip, a handstop is merged into the weapon's stock to stop the operator from incidentally reaching out in front of the barrel during firing. The P90 is a modular firearm and contains 69 parts that disassemble into four main groups : the barrel with integrated sight assembly, receiver with return mechanism, stock body with trigger and firing mechanism and the mag.

The P90 makes intensive use of polymers and light-weight alloys to reduce both the weight and the price tag of the weapon. It could also be fitted with a laser targeting module integrated into the stock body, underneath the barrel and the SP90 suppressor, manufactured by Gemtech, that has a length of 184 mm ( 7.2 in ) and weighs 550 g ( nineteen oz ).